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Meditation for Everyone Masterclass


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Full course description


Presenter: Sarajean Rudman, MS, MA, 500-ERYT 

Format:  Online, On-Demand, Self-Paced Course

Category: Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) – Masterclass

Location: Online

Course Dates:  On-Demand (enroll and complete coursework anytime)

Estimated Effort:  4-5 hours to complete (video lecture presentation lessons, workbook and course materials and quizzes)

Level:  Introductory

Credential: Certificate of Completion

CEUs: 4 CEUs (MUIH, YA)*

*Various other professional organizations and boards may accept this offering for continuing education requirements. Please verify with your respective relevant professional organization and email with additional questions.

American Institute of Stress Certified Course

Masterclass Overview:

Take a deep dive into a personal mindfulness and meditation practice while developing the teaching skills to share approachable yet profound methods with others. This course is for both personal and professional growth with the potential to deliver a deep positive effect on your own life along with an effective skillset you can immediately apply in your professional practice.

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Masterclass Description:

Discover the powerful practice of meditation through several different approachable methods while focusing on personal practice and professional development. This program will guide you through the health benefits of meditation as well as the actual practice through guided experiential exercises. You will learn to develop a meditation or mindfulness program for yourself that can help you reach a calmer and more focused place; along with the teaching methodology needed to be able to share this evidence-based complementary and integrative health approach with others in a clinical or professional setting.

Masterclass Outline:

Module 1 | Getting Started with Meditation

  •         Dhyana (meditation) definition, background, and uses
  •         Evidence-based explanation of meditation
  •         What is mindfulness?
  •         Mindfulness vs. meditation
  •         "Why" is this important to me?

Module 2 | Meditation Methods

Explanation (didactic) of the following:

  •         Mindfulness practice 101, metta--loving-kindness meditation, breath meditation, BRFWA meditation, walking meditation, mantra meditation, five senses meditation, and tritak meditation.

Module 3 | Practical Application

Practical application (true practice for self-study and beyond) of the following

  •      Mindfulness practice 101, metta--loving kindness meditation, breath meditation, BRFWA meditation, walking meditation, mantra meditation, five senses meditation, and tritak meditation.

Module 4 | Personal and Clinical Applications

  •         Importance of the concept of complementary and integrative health's patient-practitioner relationship and the whole-person approach to wellness and how meditation fits into this model.
  •         Developing a healing presence through practice.
  •         Developing a meditation practice for yourself.
  •         Developing a meditation practice for your clients/patients/students.

Learning Objectives:

As a result of this Masterclass, learners will be able to: 

  •         Define meditation and its application in health and healthcare.
  •         Explain the ways in which meditation can benefit someone's physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.
  •         Outline the different meditation practices and methods.
  •         Apply the different meditation practices/methods to your personal life/situation.
  •         Apply the different meditation practices/methods to your client/patient practice.
  •         Develop your own meditation practice for home use.
  •         Model the different meditation practices presented to share with others in your clinical or professional setting.
  •         Apply the meditation teaching methodology to an integrative approach to healthcare.

Who should participate:

Yoga teachers, yoga therapists, integrative nurses, social workers, psychologists, functional medicine practitioners, integrative physicians, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, nutritional therapy practitioners, health and wellness coaches, fitness professionals, acupuncturists, chiropractors, herbalists, massage therapists, educators, researchers.  All other complementary and integrative health and healthcare professionals, students, and the general public who are interested in developing an accessible mindfulness or meditation practice.

Recommended pre-requisites:  None

Registration Fee(s): $147

What you will get:

·        Total 3-4 hours of interactive instructional video lectures

·        PowerPoint presentation PDFs

·        Presentation lecture transcripts

·        Course handout(s) for use in personal and clinical/professional practice

·        Course workbook for personal and professional practice

·        Lifetime access to the course content for review and application

·        Certificate of Completion (upon successful achievement of program assessments) and CEUs

*CEUs should be verified with the individual professional organization(s) for which you are seeking continuing education credit.

Testimonial: “I was first introduced to meditation in the 1960s, but until I took Maryland University of Integrative Health’s Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) Meditation for Everyone Masterclass I never knew it could be so easy to meditate. This is a perfect introduction to a variety of forms of meditation taught by a knowledgeable guide with a very pleasant voice. The student can begin meditating immediately during this course and can apply it to professional healthcare or workplace settings. This course, officially Certified by the American Institute of Stress, offers you calm, and as such, it can change your life.”   –Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch, President, The American Institute Stress

Presenter Bio:

Sarajean Rudman, MS, MA, 500-ERYT is a New England-based clinical nutritionist, yogini, ayurvedic practitioner, life coach, fitness instructor and outdoor adventure guide. She has over a decade of experience across many diverse fields in health and wellness. In addition to certifications in multiple fitness modalities, Sarajean holds a B.S. in Health and Wellness and Sports Management, an M.S. in Integrative Health and Clinical Nutrition, and an M.A. in Health and Wellness Coaching. 

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